PMUni Management
  PMUni Structure
  • PMUni is a social network of partners with the objective to promote professional education and research in process and project management.
  • PMUni is existing strengthening contacts between PMUni partners and is establishing new contacts between PMUni partners
  • PMUni as a social network.
  • has voluntary, independent partners,
  • has relatively open boundaries,
  • is decentrally organized,
  • allows for multiple roles and functions of the PMUni partners

PMUni: Partners per January 2011

PMUni Objectives

  • The objective of PMUni is the promotion of professional education and research in process and project management internationally by …
    • exchanging experiences between education and research institutions as well as process and project-oriented companies
    • creating cooperation potentials between the partners in education and research
    • Performing education quality management projects and research projects
  • PMUni deals with the topics process and project management, but also programme management and management of the process and project-oriented company.

PMUni Roles

  • PMUni Partner:
    can become PMUni partners.
    Only organizations can become PMUni partners.
    The PMUni partner provide information about their education and research activities.
  • PMUni Board:
    The PMUni Board consists of representatives of the PMUni partners. Every PMUni partner chooses a representative as a PMUni Board member.
    The PMUni Board determines a chair person and a deputy chair person.
  • PMUni Facilitator:
    The role of the PMUni facilitator will be held by one representative each from the PROJEKTMANAGEMENT GROUP and STU Bratislava. The performance of the facilitator role is not limited in time.
    If the facilitator step back or are asked to step back by the PMUni Board, any other PMUni partner can become facilitator.
PMUni Communication Structures
  • PMUni Board Meeting:
    The PMUni Board shall meet once a year to decide on the strategic direction of the network.

  • PMUni Facilitator Meeting:
    Periodically workshops of PMUni partners will take place.

PMUni Services

  • PMUni Research:
    • Research projects of PMUni partners
    • Common publications
    • Common presentations
  • PMUni Quality management:
    • Quality management projects for education and research
    • Development of standards for education and research
  • PMUni Education:
    • Exchange of lecturers, students
    • Common training of teachers, lecturers
    • Contacts to process and project-oriented companies
    • Contacts to students
  • PMUni Info Services:
    • PMUni data base
    • PMUni homepage (short profiles of the PMUni partners, overview over education
      programmes and research activities)
    • PMUni newsletter
    • PMUni workshop s for the exchange of experience in education and research

PMUni Personnel & Infrastructure

  • The PMUni facilitator employs part-time personnel for providing its services.
  • The PMUni facilitator maintains the PMUni homepage.
  • The PMUni facilitator provides the postal address and email address.
  • The PMUni partners provide meeting and event facilities, due to the possibility.

PMUni Financing

  • Financial contribution of each PMUni Partner of 1.000,- € per year. The invoice is sent out
    once a year. The financial contribution will be transferred to the PMUni facilitators account, in
    order to finance the facilitators services.
  • Sponsoring for homepage, events, etc. by process and project-oriented companies
  • Participation fees for externals at PMUni events
  • Applying for additional funds to finance the network (INTERREG IIIA, ASO, 7th Framework
    Programme, Visegard International Fund, etc.)



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