Call for partners for the international week of the University of Applied Science in Vienna
Published: December 19, 2012

International Master Course Week „MANAGING INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS"

Call for project partners

Project context:

The City of Vienna, respectively its Municipal Department 23 for Economic Affairs, Labour and Statistics (MA 23), annually opens a call for proposals of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences with regard to teaching and research projects.

This year’s call, deadline 19 March 2013, is open for the topic of ‘Internationalisation of teaching and research’. The UAS bfi Vienna intends to apply for funding (maximum 300.000 EUR) for the following project:

International Week for Master degree students:

- Content: "Managing international projects" (specific topics to be defined annually in the project consortium)

- Duration: 1 week per year in February, 2014-2016

- Course design: mix of theoretical inputs and project work, combined with virtual preparation and post-processing work. Course design to be specified with project partners. Main idea is to divide the international student group into small project teams of 4-6 people, becoming responsible for a work package of a project which will be sponsored/initiated by a real company.

- Prerequisite: minimum 3 ECTS in Project Management „? knowledge about PM methods, PM processes/phases.

- Learning outcomes e.g.:

o Ability to work in or to lead an international/intercultural project team (leading competency, team orientation)

o Ability to create a project handbook according to an international standard IPMA/ PMI (methodological competency)

o Ability to apply previously acquired PM methods in an international setting (application)

o Ability to communicate with stakeholders (communication skills)

How to become a project partner:

1. Sign a Letter of Intent stating your intention to become a partner in the funding project for the period 2013-2016 to provide the project with:

a. 1 Lecturer per year for the IW to teach/coach/accompany students

b. 3-5 Students per year for participation in the IW

c. (optionally: to provide funding for the students’ travel and subsistence costs)

Available funding:

- 75% funding for travel and subsistence costs of the lecturer, 25% paid by UAS bfi Vienna

- Remuneration for the lecturer for giving theoretical inputs/coaching activities tbc

- 75% funding for the IW programme (no costs for the courses and social events), 25% paid by UAS bfi Vienna


- Travel and subsistence costs of students.

The template for cooperation partners can be downloaded here.

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Call for partners for the international week of the University of Applied Science in Vienna

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