PMUni Newsletter 05/2013
Published: June 20, 2013

PMUni Newsletter 05/2013 and invitation to the 2nd PMUni workshop at the University of Pannonia in 2013

1. PMUni Events
2. PMUni News from the Facilitators

1. PMUni Events

1st PMUni workshop 2013 in Vienna
The 1st PMUni workshop in 2013 was organized by the PROJEKTMANAGEMENT GROUP, WU Vienna and Ina Pircher (University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna, Austria) one day before the happy projects`13 conference. This year the topic of the happy projects`13 conference was “Sustainable Management: Re-thinking Project, Process & Change Management”.

During the PMUni workshop AsbjØrn Rolstadås (Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway), Lise Lodsgård (University of Southern Denmark), Laurence Lecoeuvre (SKEMA Business School), Ioana Muresan (Babes-Bolyai University), Igor Ilyin, Olga Makarova (St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University) Krisztina Tomcsányi (Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary) Zsolt T. Kosztyán (University of Pannonia) presented actual research news. Karkukly Waffa, Roland Gareis (Global PMO Solutions & WU Vienna) presented something about Integrating Process, Project, and Change Management – Role of the PMO. Martina Huemann and Binnur Ebru Fidan introduced their new research project Rethink!PSM.

Following topics were presented at the workshop:
• Lise Lodsgård: MSc in Business Administration and Economics Specialization within Change Management, University of Southern Denmark
• Laurence Lecoeuvre: The PM actions at SKEMA
• Igor Ilyin, Olga Makarova: Corporate standard of project management as part of the enterprise architecture (Software support)
• Ioana Muresan: Means of improving the impact of projects financed by the European Union
• AsbjØrn Rolstadås: NTU Research Strategy for Project Management
• Martina Huemann, Binnur Ebru Fidan: Rethink!PSM: Systemic constellation as method for stakeholder analyses
• Zsolt T. Kosztyán: Matrix-based Project Planning & Risk Analysis Methods
• Krisztina Tomcsányi: Internationalization as an organization development project
• Karkukly Waffa, Roland Gareis: Integrating Process, Project, and Change Management – Role of the PMO

You can download all presentations from the PMUni homepage (http://www.pmuni.net/index.php?categoryid=39&p13_sectionid=37)

2nd PMUni workshop in 2013:

On 04 & 05 October 2013 the next PMUni workshop takes place at University of Pannonia and is hosted by Zsolt T. Kosztyán.

We would kindly invite you to the PMUni workshop on the 04 October 2013, which starts at lunch time and will end on the 05 October 2013 around lunch time.

The friday afternoon session will be spent with students, e.g. discussing master theses presentations, giving short lectures by some of the PMUni representatives
The morning session on Saturday is also reserved for formal PMUni partners and will focus on specific objectives and outcomes of the PMUni network.

More information will be available as soon as possible on our homepage www.pmuni.net.
If you are interested in joining the PMUni workshops please contact us.

2. PMUni News from the Facilitators

International student paper award
Each year, the PROJEKTMANAGEMENT GROUP in cooperation with the happy projects`13 conference in Vienna, Austria, organizes the international student paper award. This award is a great opportunity for students to get some experience and recognition.

Winners of the international student paper award´13
Papers from different universities were handed in for evaluation by a top international jury this year. We are proud to announce following nominees as the winners of the international student paper award:

• The 1st prize PhD level went to Jessica Siva, RMIT University, Australia, for her paper “Re-thinking megaproject governance through a cultural political economic perspective: using governmentality theory to critique client decision-making”

• The 1st prize master level went to Roeland Derichs & Bob Valk, University of Greenwich, UK/ University of Applied Science, Netherlands, for their paper “Sustainability in Project Management. Case Study Philips GrownDownTown”

• The 2nd prize went to Ivonne Lange, WU, Vienna, for their paper “Consideration of sustainable development principles in process management”

• The 3rd prize went to Bianca van Es & Marjolein Jonker, University of Greenwich, UK, for their paper “Sustainability in Project Management: A case study at Landstede MBO, school of vocational learning”

Finally a big thank you to the jury!
The jury for the international student paper award’13 consisted of Prof. Constanta Bodea, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania, Prof. Laurence Lecoeuvre, SKEMA Business School, France, Prof. Lynn Crawford, Bond University, Australia, Prof. Pernille Eskerod, University of Southern Denmark, Prof. Gilbert Silvius, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, Prof. Rodney Turner, SKEMA Business School, France and Ass. Prof. Dr. Martina Huemann, WU Vienna, Austria.

The call for the student paper award’14 will be out soon at (www.happyprojects.at)

happy projects`14 conference

The happy projects ’14 conference takes place 15th & 16th May 2014 at TechGate in Vienna, Austria. The theme next year is "One Management: Integrating Process, Project & Change Management” with a wide variety of speeches, presentations and workshops offered on such topics as:

• Social system theory and constructivism: The theoretical basis for ONE management
• Sustainable development: The value for management
• Integration over time: Project initiation and project management
• Relationship between business analysis
• and project management
• Integration by programs, by networks of projects
• The Management Office: Strategies, structures, cultures

For more information please visit www.happyprojects.at !

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