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Pic: Team of the PROJEKTMANAGEMENT GROUP (per November 2008)


Elective programme “Project Management”

  • Content:
    • Project & Programme Management
    • Management of the process and project-oriented Company
    • Process Management
  • Target group:
    • Diploma students
  • Graduates:
    • app. 140 per year
  • Duration:
    • 2 semesters
    • 3 courses à 2 days, 2 courses à 1 day
  • Features:
    • Processes and methods based on: projectsRGC, processRGC, companyRGC
    • Held in English
    • Preparation for the certification to Level D „Junior Project Manager“
  • Courses:
    • Basic Course: Methods for Project and Program Management
    • Advanced Course I: Organisational Design of Projects and Programs
    • Advanced Course II: Management of the process and project-oriented Company
    • Enrichment: IT Support in Project and Program Management
    • Enrichment: PM Practice Dialogue
  • Further information: http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/pmg_eng/ed

Graph: Special subject "Project Management"


 Professional MBA “Project and Process Management”

  • Content:
    • Basics of business administration
    • Management of project start, project controlling, project close-down
    • Design of the project organisation
    • Management of project discontinuities
    • Strategies, structures and cultures of process and project-oriented companies
    • Management of the process and project-oriented company
    • Process management basics
  • Target group:
    • Project managers, program managers and process managers
    • Managers of process- and project-oriented companies
    • Project and process management consultants and trainers
  • Graduates:
    • app. 12-15 per year
  • Duration:
    • 4 semesters
    • 11 modules à 5 days
  • Features:
    • Held in English
    • Practice-related content  Cooperations with well-known universities like ESC Lille, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest and University of Technolog Sydney,
    • Certification by IPMA (International Project Management Association) or PMI (Project Management Institute)
    • Degree „Master of Business Administration (Project and Process Management)” from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
  • Further information can be found here.



  • Research focus:
    • Sustainable Development and Project Management
    • Change Management
    • Social Competencies in Projects
    • Human Resource Management
    • Sectoral Process and Project Management
    • Management of the Project-oriented Company
    • Management of the Project-oriented Nation
    • Family of Maturity Models
  • Research approach:
    • Social Systems Theory
    • Radical Constructivism
    • Qualitative Social Research
  • Theses:
    • Ca. 15 diploma thesis per year
    • Ca. 3 dissertations per year

A list of completed and ongoing diploma thesis and dissertations/PhD theses can be found here. 

Research programme "Sustainable Development & Project Management (SD&PM)"

  • Start date:
    • February 2009
  • End date:
    • December 2012
  • Objectives:
    • Further development of projectsRGC  based on sustainable development approach
    • National and niternational visibility of research results achieved
    • National and international cooperation partners established, financing ensured
    • Dissertations, diploma theses, course assignments conducted
  • Cooperation partners:
    • Research Institute on Managing Sustainability (RIMAS), WU Vienna
    • PMUni partners
    • Universities
  • Project funds:
    • OeNB Jubiläumsfonds
    • Others



Happy Projects! (English)
Roland Gareis

"Happy Projects!" is not a promise, but rather a wish from Roland Gareis to all those thinking and acting in projects. Though the chance to exerience "Happy Projects!" increases dramatically when applying the models and methods described in the present book.


Processes & Projects (English)
Roland Gareis und Michael Stummer

Process orientation and project orientation are new organisational strategies of companies. By the integration of structures and methodes of the process and project management essential synergies can be created.


Happy Projects! (German)
Roland Gareis

"Happy Projects!" has been published in the 3rd edition and is based on ROLAND GAREIS Project and Programme management®. The whole spectrum of project and programme management is presented: From methods of project and programme management, project organisations, Project Portfolio Management until quality assurance in projects and programmes illustrated by many graphs and figures. Happy Projects is also available in Romanian, Hungarian and Chinese.


Global Project Management Handbook (English)
David Cleland and Roland Gareis

Case histories from around the world provide lessons on the international application of project management. This edition contains 16 completely new chapters, including ones on the rebuilding of Iraq, project management in outsourcing initiatives, and developing multinational teams.


PM Test CD (English)
Roland Gareis

600 German and English multiple response questions & answers for the evaluation of the knowledge regarding the process- and project-oriented company; 5 German and English online pm tests; 12 german
and English project management case studies regarding the company and the family; Information about German and English literature regarding process and project management; Information about products of selected project management software companies.


Further information on publications/products: http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/pmg_eng/publications


Martina Huemann

Vienna University of Economics and
Business Administration, Franz Klein-
Gasse 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43/1/4277 29406
E-mail: Martina.Huemann@wu.ac.at


Further information: http://www.wu-wien.ac.at/pmg_eng


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