Analysis and Benchmarking of PM Education Programmes

PMUni invites universities to join the analysis & benchmarking of project management education programmes. The analysis is based on the model pm education mature which was developed by the PMUni partners in 2008.  

The objectives of the cooperation are: 

  •  Analysis and benchmarking of project management education programs. The invitation goes to IRNOP members, GAC members, and other interested universities.
  • Provision of learning opportunities for the education program providers.
  • Provision of an anonymous benchmarking report for all participating education providers.
By this initiative PMUni would like to contribute to the further development of formal project management education.

The invitation for cooperation and the anonymous made report of the pilot analysis and benchmarking can be found on PMUni’s website. The analysis and the benchmarking will be performed in 2009. Please indicate your interest by January 15th, 2009.

PMUni Projects

Research project pm education mature
One of the first common activities of the PMUni partners has become the research project “pm education mature”, initiated by the PROJEKTMANAGEMENT GROUP in September 2007.

In this research project the project management education programs of the PMUni partners (e.g. such as the Professional MBA “Project & Process Management”) will be analysed and benchmarked. The programs will be analysed by applying the maturity model “pm education mature”, jointly developed by the PMUni partners. One of the major benefits of this research project is to encourage and foster the knowledge transfer between the cooperating universities concerning content, working forms, evaluation forms etc. in education, research and marketing.

  • Start date:
    • 01st September 2007
  • End date:
    • 31st June 2008
  • Objectives:
    • Analysis and benchmarking of project management education programs of about 7 universities
    • Knowledge transfer between cooperating universities achieved 
    • Further development of the model „pm education mature“ achieved
    • Relationships between PMUni cooperation partners strengthened
  • Cooperation partners:
    • PM education programs of cooperating PMUni universities
  • Project funds:
    • Cooperation partners
  • Further information:
    • Homepage: …
    • Folder: ….
    • Etc…

Graph: Maturity model “pm education mature”


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