Rethinking Project Management: An Organisational Perspective
By Erling  S. Andersen
ISBN-10: 027371547X
ISBN-13: 9780273715474
Published  May 2008

More information can be found here.

Table of contents:
1  The project concept and the organisational perspective
2  The foundation of the project
3  Planning the project
4  Organising the project
5  Controlling the project
6  Important project leadership tasks
7  The project-oriented organisation and the project-oriented society


In practice we see that projects often fail. People disagree, they change their minds, they learn as a work progresses. The project develops into an important and influential organization with its own opinions, needs and challenges. Researchers have for a long time pointed out the need for new approaches to project management to take into account the specific demands of individual projects.

Erling S. Andersen's new book examines project management from an organizational perspective. A project is a temporary organization, established by its base organization to carry out an assignment on its behalf. From this perspective, project management is focused on the relationship between the permanent and the temporary organization. Inherent in this perspective is an understanding of the project’s most important purpose, to facilitate another organization’s progress. The assignment is about change, often within a certain time limit. The book discusses the foundation of the project, the planning, essential organizing, controlling, and leadership, all within an organizational perspective. There is not one right way to tackle projects - this book invites readers to rethink traditional methods and theories and offers new perspectives on every aspect of the project management process.

A key title for any student of project management, the book provides a unique grounding in the essentials of the subject, as well as a base for further study of contemporary issues in the field.

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