Online survey - Role of outsourcing project management activities
Published: April 28, 2011

On behalf of the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna, we would like to ask for your kind support, by providing us with your personal evaluation (by an online survey) of the role of outsourcing of project management activities (PM activities) in companies. This request for support is to contribute towards a broader comparative study in Austria, Germany and Switzerland which is currently conducted by the UAS bfi Vienna (Austria) in cooperation with Mr. Rüdiger Geist and Mr. Tibor Stockinger (Switzerland). This study is to comparatively assess the perception and status quo of outsourcing of PM activities. This endeavour is guided by two specific objectives:

1)    To discover whether or which PM activities are assigned the potential to become outsourced.

2)    To find out whether or to what extent companies are already outsourcing PM activities.

The resulting study aims to summarize the status quo of outsourcing of PM activities in companies and to ultimately serve decision-makers at company level in designing future outsourcing plans for PM activities. We will finalize and publish the study in the third quarter of 2011.

Please complete the online survey here: