PMUni Newsletter 01/2013
Published: February 12, 2013

PMUni Newsletter 01/2013

1. 2nd PMUni workshops 2012 in Utrecht
2. 1st PMUni workshop 2013 in Vienna
3. happy projects’13 events
4. International student paper award

2nd PMUni workshop 2012 in Utrecht, Netherlands

The 2nd PMUni workshop in 2012 took place at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands and was hosted by Gilbert Silvius. We thank the team of the University of Applied Sciences for organizing a successful and interesting PMUni workshop.

The morning session focused on project and process management education in different universities. After a short introduction from Gilbert Silvius the status of PMUni was presented by Roland Gareis. After that all participants introduced themselves and explained their role at their universities. The following topics were presented and discussed in detail:

At last the future of PMUni was discussed, proposals were made. It was decided that the University of Cluj and RGCresearch become new members of PMUni.

All presentations, the workshop agenda and the participants list from the PMUni homepage can be downloaded. (

1st PMUni workshop 2013 in Vienna

On 24th April 2013 the next PMUni workshop will take place in Vienna one day before the happy projects`13 conference. The venue will be the University of Applied Sciences bfi. We kindly invite you to both events and ask for presentations for the PMUni workshop.

The presentations planned shall relate

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happy projects`13 events

The happy projects ’13 conference takes place from 25 - 26 April 2013 at Tech Gate in Vienna, Austria. The conference focus on "Sustainable Management – Re-thinking Project, Process, & Change Management” with a wide variety of speeches, presentations and workshops offered on such topics as:

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International student paper award

Within the happy projects`13 conference the international student paper award is organized. This award is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and to get recognition.

Objectives of the student paper award

International student paper award: Topics

Two-stage application process

Criteria for the evaluation of the papers


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