PMI Research & Education Conference 2014 Call for Submissions
Published: October 14, 2013

PMI Research & Education Conference 2014 Call for Submissions

Conference Theme: "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants": In Search of Theory and Evidence

The theme of the forthcoming Research and Education Conference reflects three key issues facing the field of project management research and education. The first concerns how research and education can “stand on the shoulders of giants” – enabling us to see further and with greater insight because of the knowledge platform that is being built. The second is the role of theory and whether the field has moved on from Koskela and Howell’s (2002) provocation, that there is no underlying theory of project management. Finally, the opportunity of evidence-based project management was highlighted at the 2012 Research and Education Conference in Professor Denise Rousseau’s (2012) keynote address. How will the field respond to this call? We invite you to join the conversation around these key issues at the 2014 Research and Education Conference.

Deadline is the 15th December 2013

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